Private Beach

Nature’s masterpiece at the Village in Cilento

There are just a few steps in the heart of nature separating the Villaggio degli Olivi from the mesmerizing private beach, which is available to guests and equipped with 1 beach umbrella and 2 sun chairs per accommodations unit.
By walking down large steps and taking a pleasant stroll that allows you to enjoy the Mediterranean greenery, the smell of the salty air, and to get lost in that horizon that blends the deep blue of the sea with the sky, you will be able to reach the sandy and rocky beach of the Village in Cilento, bathed by crystal clear and pristine waters.
A small natural pool, the layout of which is perfect for entertaining children and allowing the adults to relax.
At sunset the horizon is tinged red, embellishing the display created by the contrast of colours: a true masterpiece of nature at the Village in Cilento.
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