Sports and aquatic activities

Free to have fun at the Village in Cilento

At the private beach of Villaggio degli Olivi, the staff organizes sport lessons and recreational and sports activities for your entertainment, and to liven up your days on the seashore, in a relaxing and fun environment.
The team at the Village in Cilento will get you involved in sports, with sailing, windsurfing and canoeing lessons, as well as in recreational activities. They’ll allow you to simultaneously spend a few hours learning a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the benefits from doing physical activity out in the open, breathing in the salty air of a crystal clear sea.

The philosophy behind our lessons, also aimed at the youth, is based on the idea of raising the new generation in an environment that emphasizes the commitment, loyalty and respect in sports, and therefore, in everyday life. These activities will help the youth with their self-esteem, to test their abilities and to work on balance, coordination and concentration.
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