Professionalism for your outings: special, safe, unique.

The Villaggio degli Olivi organizes daily mountain bike and road bicycle excursions, with experienced qualified professionals, for discovering the beautiful Palinuro area.
Safety during your trips will be guaranteed with the presence of a National Mountain Bike escort, a trained professional from the National School of Mountain Bike Instructors, the accredited Italian entity for training. Its work ensures the absolutely success in tours. Knowledge of the territory and trails, managing technical issues that may arise, insurance coverage for the group and individual participants, rendering the outing special, safe and unique.

Furthermore, you will be able to choose from previously scheduled outings or opt for a more personalized tour, in a group or as an individual. There are excursions also organized for children from 12 years and up. But there’s more: true enthusiasts can also choose workshops for improving their riding techniques.
The Villaggio degli Olivi is a Bike Friendly certified facility by Italy Bike Hotels standards: this means that we guarantee services tailored to you.

Bike Friendly services guaranteed (services for cyclists):
  • Security deposit
  • Self-service repair shop
  • Equipped area for washing
  • Deals with specialized sporting goods stores
  • Itineraries and trail maps
  • Separate restaurant
  • Bike information bulletin board
  • Daily bike tours guaranteed
  • GPS tracking
  • Cocktail at the bar upon returning from the tour
  • Laundry service
  • Medical assistance
  • Masseuse upon request
  • Roadside motorized assistance
  • Bike rental services
  • Transfer service
  • Energy foods and supplements
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