A Paradise Village for Families in Palinuro

Nothing is left to chance here

At the Villaggio degli Olivi we’ve thought of every detail to ensure you get the best out of your holiday so you can enjoy it with your whole family. Because time spent with your kids is priceless, and we know it!

An unforgettable experience awaits you at our Village for families in Palinuro, which is specially designed for accommodating families and giving every individual what they dream of: relaxing on the beach or poolside, taking a dip in the waves, participating in a recreational or sporting activity guided by our staff, playing with friends in the fantastic world of Olly’s Kids Club, excursions and opportunities to have fun with the family, and the most cheerful and awaited moment of the day: dinner all together.

Our chef has a special kids menu, designed specifically to please children’s taste buds.
Even the overnight accommodations at the village for families in Palinuro have maximum flexibility. Our bungalows have the possibility of adding a crib to the room or, in the event of families with older kids, there are bungalows for three or four people with twin or bunk beds. And for those wishing to have even more comfort, adjoining rooms are also available.

Baby Menu

Lots of recipes and specialty dishes for kids that are simple and healthy… finger-licking good!

Mini Club

A world of smiles, games and lots of fun to enjoy with the animation team.

Our shows

Day and evening entertainment program: lessons, tournaments, cabaret and theatre shows out in the open.



The staff at the Villaggio degli Olivi is always looking to entertain you with plenty of activities.




Games, activities and areas for kids. This way even the grown-ups can relax!




A true family paradise. Fun, entertainment and relaxing: to each their own.


An unforgettable experience

True paradise for the whole family. This is why every year there are so many families choosing to come back and spend their holidays at the Villaggio Degli Olivi in Palinuro. Where everyone finds activities to their liking and the right fit, while surrounded by the kindness and availability of the staff of the Villaggio degli Olivi, and amidst untouched nature.


Just for you



A 3-hectare garden



Surrounded by greenery

A world of laughter for kids
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