A world of laughter for kids

At the Olly’s Kids Club, children are never bored! Your kids will experience games, fun, imagination, laughter and lots of carefree joy, anytime of the day.
When you stay at the village for families in Palinuro, the little ones begin their day at Olly’s Kids Club at 9.30 am, taking part in the morning activities. Then they join our team for lunch and continue their fun-filled day until 6:30 pm. Kids can experience, while being looked after by the qualified animation staff of the Villaggio degli Olivi, the many games and novelties of the village for families in Palinuro, which have been designed to entertain kids in a healthy and constructive way, involving creativity, dexterity and imagination.
At Olly’s Kids Club, kids go to a magical universe where laughter is here to stay. A world of fun that they won’t want to leave!
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