The Certosa di Padula (Padula Charterhouse)

History and spirituality

The Certosa di San Lorenzo, known as the Certosa di Padula, was the first Charterhouse to be established in the Campania region and it is situated in Padula, in Vallo di Diano, Province of Salerno.
In 1998 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and in 2002 it was added by the Campania Region to the Biggest Cultural Attractions group.
It is a fascinating place, rich with history and intense spirituality. Inside you can still see remarkably interesting pieces, despite the numerous gaps caused by the attempted suppression of Certosa by the French in the early 19th Century, which was responsible for the loss of numerous artistic treasures.
Among said pieces is the main altar and the cedar wood door, dating back to 1374; the 16th Century sarcophagus of Thomas Sanseverino, added in the Cappella del Fondatore (Founder’s Chapel), in a corner of the small ancient cemetery’s Cloister; the “large” Cloister with its two-flight elliptical staircase, vanvitelliano style, with eight large windows, which connects the two floors of the Cloister; the cell of the Prior, an apartment of ten rooms, characterized mainly by its direct access to one of the most well-stocked religious libraries in the world, which previously housed thousands of books, illuminated codices and manuscript. And finally, a charming stone spiral staircase that opens like a fan and brings you the great-room of the magnificent Certosa di Padula library, which only has two thousand volumes left.
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