The National Park of Cilento

Wild and untouched nature

The National park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni – added in 1997 to the prestigious Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO and identified in 1998 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO – is the second largest park in Italy.
There are many absolutely unique flora and fauna varieties within the Park, which express the beauty of a region characterized by its diverse geology, from its hills covered in green olive groves reflecting off the blue sea, to the very dry areas deeply etched by the lively streams, moon-shaped bays, chestnut and holm oak woods, villages clinging to the rocks or spread out onto the shores.
The entire Park surface has protected marine areas and approximately 1,800 different species of native random plants, among which is the Primrose of Palinuro (Primula palinuri), which is also the symbol of the Park due to its uniqueness and its extremely localized diffusion.
Even the fauna is widely diversified thanks to the variety of environments that the area offers. On the peaks, for example, you can often see the golden eagle, the peregrine falcon and the imperial raven, while below you find the fox, the pine marten, the wolf and numerous species of butterflies.

In other words, it really is heaven for the lovers of wild and untouched nature.
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