Paestum: myth and archeology

The most beautiful ancient city of Cilento

The ancient city of Paestum is located just a few kilometers north of the Cilento coast, and for those spending their holiday in Cilento, it is a must-see since this archaeological site it world renown, with a history dating back to when the city of Poseidonia was founded, at the beginning of the 6th Century b.c., by a group of Achaeans, originating from Sybaris, who took possession of the territory south of the Sele river.

Today, the entire archaeological area includes the ancient city, which since its establishment was divided into public and private areas with different functions: the stone wall approximately five kilometers long, the sacred areas, the northern sanctuary with the Cerere Temple and the southern one, the political space of Agora, the Forum dating to Roman times and the Thermal Baths.
The sanctuary of Hera at the mouth of the Sele River, instead, is about nine kilometers away: its foundation is attributed to the mythical Jason, the legendary leader of the expedition of the Argonauts in the quest of the Golden Fleece.

The National Archaeological Museum of Paestum is also located in the area, which is one of the most important archaeological museums of Southern Italy. Situated within the ancient city, it tells the story of Paestum through its exhibitions, initially a Greek colony named Poseidon then a Lucanian and Roman city.
In this same area, lateral to the Museum, there is also the SS. Annunziata Church which is more commonly known as Basilica Paleocristiana.
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