The Magic of Cilento

The holiday destination for thousands of visitors

Cilento, in all its splendor, preserves the harmony between the natural landscape and a long and ancient history that has always fascinated visitors.
The region has a very diverse coast, full of inlets, cliffs and long golden sandy beaches. The landscape changes: the coastal strip included between Agropoli and Capo Palinuro is rugged, with sandy bays alternated with capes and rocks that form cliffs and undulating slopes. Descending into Scario instead, the coast is characterized by the Cape of Palinuro, the long stretch of sandy beach overlooked by subvertical walls of Timpa di San Iconio, the majestic cliffs south of Marina di Camerota, and the numerous marine caves.

However, the beauty of Cilento also resides in the prestigious tourist destinations like Paestum, Pertosa, Castelcivita, Punta Licosa, Acciaroli, Pioppi, Velia and Palinuro. In addition to the mountainous landscape and hills, where you can often see ancient monasteries and churches emphasizing the artistic and cultural wealth of Cilento, there’s also the Certosa di Padula (Padula Charterhouse), the caves of Castelcivita, mount Gelbison where you can find the Santuario della Madonna del Sacro Monte (Our Lady of the Sacred Mountain Sanctuary – 1705 m), and the numerous medieval towns, which welcome thousands of visitors year-round.
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