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The secret to the goodness of our dishes

The products we serve at the Villaggio degli Olivi don’t come from very far. This is one of the secrets to the goodness of our dishes. The Village’s philosophy in fact is selecting local, fresh, wholesome and high quality products, with a 0 carbon foot print, which help protect and enhance the Cilento region’s culinary heritage.
The oil “Cultivar Pisciottana”, served by our restaurant, is produced directly with the fruits harvested from the olive trees growing on the Village’s 3 hectares of land: we harvest the olives and bring them to the oil mill on the same day, so they can be immediately processed thus guaranteeing a high quality product. The product is limited but it ensures the goodness of the oil we serve.

Even the seasoning herbs and the numerous varieties of basil are grown here: used in the kitchen as soon as they’re picked, just like the citrus fruits which, during the summer season, are a high quality ingredients with an intense flavour used to season dishes or create desserts and “granite” (slushies). A must-try is the Kumquat jam, due to its particular taste, which we produce with these very flavourful Chinese mandarins.

In order to create our dishes with the best fresh fish, just caught, we’ve set-up many collaborations with the fishermen of Palinuro, which we use daily. Furthermore, the Villaggio degli Olivi adheres to the “Rediscovered Fish” project of the Aquarium of Genoa, an initiative aimed at increasing fish consumption awareness by also promoting the species that are usually overlooked.

Even our cheeses have a 0 carbon foot print, since they’re purchased from the best local producers. The close collaboration implemented with local vineyards, which produce from indigenous grape varieties, allows us to promote the typical wines of Cilento, like Falanghina, Fiano, Greco di Tufo and Aglianico.

Finally, at the Villaggio degli Olivi we’ve created a small synergistic vegetable garden, where we grow crops and aromatic herbs predominantly for educational purposes. We dedicate this activity to the kids, in order to bring them closer to a healthy, organic and sustainable agricultural style.
The limited and precious harvesting of these crops is specifically used to prepare certain dishes dedicated to our younger guests. So they too can taste the authentic and wholesome flavours of Cilento.
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