Culinary Events and Tastings

Unforgettable experience around the table as well

At the Villaggio degli Olivi we aim to offer you the best you could wish for from a holiday in Cilento. Our friendliness, hospitality and good food are an integral part of our land’s tradition. Therefore, there’s nothing better than to have an unforgettable experience around the table as well, with culinary events and tastings that will let you discover the best of our cuisine and our philosophy.
Once a week the Villaggio degli Olivi hosts a “Cilentan evening”, a buffet dinner dedicated exclusively to the traditional and cultural flavours and dishes of Cilento.

While the “rediscovered fish” evening, organized within the project of the same name promoted by the Aquarium of Genoa, is a themed wine and food event aimed at raising awareness regarding the eco-sustainability of fishing and aimed at initiating a virtuous cycle resulting from the awareness of marine biodiversity. The objective is to decrease the pressure of fishing over-exploited species and to instead enhance fish that are excellent but not well-known, and thus rarely used for cooking. This is the purpose of our collaboration with the biologists of the Aquarium of Genoa and the fishing boats of the Port of Palinuro, which allow us to obtain for you the best fish from the blue waters of the Gulf of Cape Palinuro, just in front of the Village.

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