Our Chef

Turning food into art

In order to rediscover the flavours and aromas of the unspoilt earth of Cilento’s Park, let yourself be tempted by the Chef at the Villaggio degli Olivi.
His cooking offers an exquisite blend of flavours of Italian and Cilentean culinary traditions: the dishes innovatively reinterpret the old flavours of the past and, thanks to his creativity, food becomes art.
Each dish is seasoned with herbs and spices grown by us, and the preparations exalt the lightness and wholesomeness of their ingredients, taking you on a sustainable food-based culinary journey. This is the secret of the tasty and healthy dishes prepared by our chef.

This is how our dishes are served, among which: Amalfi Coast caponata, cavatelli pasta with cheese and pepper, green eliche pasta with peppers, seafood risotto, mussels stew, fusilli pasta with asparagus, fusilli al ferretto pasta with octopus ragù sauce, orecchiette pasta with prawns and artichokes, lettuce and onion frittata, olive leaves with black olive paté, Magna Grecia salad, rabbit alla pisciottana, St. Peter filet in a potato crust, and the very tasty octopus alla luciana. Whatever your taste may be, our Chef will know how to make your mouth water!
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