The Flavours of Cilento

Authentic and wholesome taste

The cuisine of the Cilento region is simple, yet rich of flavours. At the Villaggio degli Olivi we’re pleased to support and offer this concert of flavours which has extremely ancient historical roots and which has been enriched over the centuries.
Starting with the products of the earth, the cultivation of which is favoured by the mild climate of the area, cereals, potatoes, legumes, olives, fruit, citrus fruits and wine are the most typical products, which are promoted as rare varieties due to their quality and goodness. Another example is the white fig of Cilento with its typically pasty texture, a very sweet taste and a yellow amber colour. And the chestnuts of the area, abundant in size with firm pulp which is also extremely sweet.

Among the cheeses, both aged as well as fresh, mozzarella is the first that should be mentioned traditionally speaking, also commonly known as “white gold” or “pearl of the table”, thanks to the nutritious quality and taste of the product. The mozzarella ‘a murtedda’ is typical of the Cilento area which, while being in contact with myrtle, obtains a very herbal flavour with aromatic notes reminiscent of lemon or lime.

Finally, we have cold cuts like soppressata, meats hand-cut with a knife and seasoned with salt, chili pepper, fennel and pepper; cured for 15-20 days, and then smoked with a wood fire, and finally served and paired with locally produced wines: reds, whites and rosés. Such a wide selection of wines able to enhance the flavour of any dish.
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